Pemikiran Muhammad Abduh Tentang Pendidikan Islam

  • Ninik Nur ‘Afiyah
Keywords: Pemikiran Muhammad Abduh, Pendidikan Islam


In doing repairs Muhammad Abduh considered that an improvement does not always come through revolution or similar means. Just as things change quickly and dramatically. But it is also done through improved methods of thought in Islam. Through education, learning and improvement of morality. Also with the formation of a civilized society and thinking that can perform in a religious renewal. So that will be created with a sense of security and dependability in carrying out Islam. Muhammad Abduh considered that this method will take longer and more complicated. However, an impact greater improvements than through political and massive changes in creating an awakening and progress. As has been defined that renewal and revival is the revival of the Islamic scientific fields and applications, as in the days of the prophet and the companions. That had got lost, forgotten, erased from the body even Muslims. In this case the author intends to discuss the ideas of Muhammad Abduh about Islamic education, intended to find out what Muhammad Abduh thinking about Islamic Education. And this discussion is the discussion in the literature or literature review, including reviewing literature sources to get books related to the discussion. In this discussion the authors to the conclusion that the reform idea of ​​Islam education Muhammad Abduh includes three aspects: reform of Islam education in al-Azhar, the second is reform in the political education, and the third is in the socio-religious reforms.