Otoritas Al Sunnah Sebagai Sumber Ajaran Islam

  • Abu Azam Al Hadi
Keywords: Otoritas, al-Sunnah dan Ajaran Islam


The Basics apocalyptic and historical institutionalization al-Sunnah as there is a description of the authority of al-Sunnah as the source of Islamic teachings from time to time. Although the journey to experience a variety of situations, both denial and forgery, that al-Sunnah is believed to be the source of Islamic teachings. Because there are many facts, mainly by reason of rejection and background forgery, has precisely the opposite values ​​of al-Sunnah. Namely the strengthening of the authority of al-Sunnah among the Muslim community and even to be clings constantly to actualize. Authenticity is still well maintained, more valuable again that the understanding of sharia in al-Sunnah growing rise. Even in the development of the Muslim community trying to actualize, in addition to contextually also more original that textually.