Sejarah Dan Perkembangan Terkini Lembaga Wakaf

  • Abdul Wahab
Keywords: Sejarah, Perkembangan, Lembaga Wakaf


Endowment issunnah practice, included the most important type of charity that God encouraged and included noblest taqarrubform, and a form of kindness and ihsan which is the largest as well as many benefits, endowment is a charity that is never lost, even if the person who gave endowments already dies, the endowment property is prescribedas lasting beneficial like building, animals, gardens, weapons, furniture and growing now is cash waqf and intellectual property rightswaqf. When viewed from the back of the power law owned, waqf doctrine is teaching that is recommended (sunnah), but the real power that is so large as a base to increase the welfare of the community. So, therefore, the doctrine of waqf in the ijtihadiform, in itself to be as a non-managerial support that can be developed in an optimal management.