Kearifan Lokal Dalam Ekonomi Islam (Studi Atas Aplikasi Al-Urf Sebagai Dasar Adopsi)

  • Abdul Hakim
Keywords: Kearifan lokal, Ekonomi Islam, Aplikasi al-Urf


any economy activity should always be based on the Islamic legal sources of Islamic economy. This means that in the ijtihad of an economic phenomenon must not conflict with the principles of Islamic economy. These principles should be used as a rule in economic activity. Applications' urf has been shown to serve as a basis for finding common ground between economic activities that is indigenous to the economy practice that Islamic base. Local wisdom and shahih'urf has proven has meeting point very clear, because the local wisdomis local ideas (local) and behaviors that are thoughtful, full of wisdom, good value, which is embedded and followed by members of the community. Thus al-urfthen can be used as a justification, or standard determination, that in general aeconomy local wisdom is relevant to the legal and economic principles of Islam.