Double Movement Fazlur Rahman: Penekanan Moralitas Sebagai Landasan Metodologi Hukum Islam

  • Khozainul Ulum
Keywords: Fazlur Rahman, Metodologi Hukum Islam


Islamic law in practical terms is always coupled with the concrete realities in society. He is a product of thought result of interaction between the jurists with the social environment. From the results of the interaction, to form a functioning legal system order to protect the rights of individuals and communities. Islamic law as an instrument of structuring society is also very complex, covering all aspects of life, good ethics, morals, politics, religion, economics and culture. In this case, Islamic law does not only revolve around the vertical-transcendentaldimension, but also has a humanitarian dimension of socio-horizontal base. The Quran itself, in addition tells the principles of the doctrine of divinity, he also includes ethical and moral teachings in explanation to embody certain legal formulations. Thus, Islamic law is a rule that can be linked to human actions, so that the necessary efforts to find the ideal foundation that can be embryonic development of Islamic law. Therefore, the search for the principles of the universality of law is very important as a medium for the development of Islamic law itself.