Peta Pemikiran Kemunculan Madhhab, Perkembangannya, Latar Belakang Dan Setting Sosial Budaya, Para Pendiri Madhhab, Para Tokoh Yang Mengembangkan, Paradigma Dan Teoritik

  • Sam’un Sam’un
Keywords: Madhhab, Setting Sosal, Pendiri, paradigma, teoritik


This history process shown that the application of Islamic teachings, it is necessary logical analysis of the educated man, because the doctrines of Al-Quran and al-Sunnah is constant and does not change after the end Muhammad essay, while social dynamics have created themajor changes in society rules of the Muslims themselves. The process of application of Islamic teachings on a variety of ever-changing social phenomena this is demanded of Ijtihad studies. The scholars of the century 2, 3, and 4 hijriyah, has demonstrated the spirit of ijtihad which is very high, even beyond the boundaries of sociological needs, so born fatwas patterned iftiradhi law, ie the fatwas to reach theoretical projections of future . Yet it is precisely their passion to make the scholars afterwards be apathetic towards ijtihad, because it comes madhhab in fiqh. Thought of the madhhab scholars is very influential in later generations of scholars so that they are in the position of a madhhab trying to develop teacher thought in the wider society. Thus, those thoughts became public in decision-referral and prescription of law