Paradigma Baru Pengembangan Manajemen Madrasah

  • Ahmad Suyuthi
Keywords: Manajemen, Madrasah


The new paradigm ofmadrasah management development that must be addressed is the managerial problems. Sothat educational institutions Madrasah should be able to manage, direct and guidestudents to face the changes and is able to create scholars, educators and parents in thefuture. The effective Madrasah in general have a number of characteristics of the process asfollows: The process of teaching and learning effectiveness is high, strong leadershipmadrasah, madrasa environment that is safe and orderly, effective management of educationalpersonnel, Madrasah has a quality culture, Madrasah has cohesive teamwork, Smart, andDynamic, Madrasah has the authority (self-reliance), high participation of madrasah citizens and public, Madrasah has openness (transparency) management, Madrasah has a willingnessto change (psychological and physical), Madrasah get evaluation and continuous improvement,Madrasah is responsive and adaptable to the needs, Having good communication, Madrasahhas accountability, Madrasah has the ability to maintain sustainability.