Pandangan Islam Tentang Proses Kejadian Manusia Dan Implikasinya Terhadap Pendidikan

  • Siti Suwaibatul Aslamiyah
Keywords: Pandangan Islam, proses kejadian manusia, pendidikan


Human beings are most perfect creature of Allah SWT than the others because the human is composed of two elements namely the physical and spiritual elements, and besides that humans also equipped by Allah with a set of potential (fitrah) in the form of aql, qalb, and naf. With that human nature would choose life. If you want to live in accordance with nature, so different from other creatures, then let him use psychic element is dominant. If not, it will lose its essence as a human. As a creature, he certainly does not happen by itself but made by Allah (Surat ar-Rum: 40). Therefore, in the article entitled "Islamic views on the human creation process and implications to education" the author explains about human nature, the process of human creation, the position of man, and the value of education in the process of human creation. As a conclusion of this paper is that: (1) Man in the language of the Qur'an is taken from the word al-Insan, al-Basyar, and al-Nas is a creature that has a complete physical and psychic. With physical completeness, it can carry out tasks that require physical support and the completeness of the psychic he can carry out tasks that require mental support. (2) the process of human events through three stages, namely: a) the physical/material (nuthfah,‘alaqah, mudlghah, ‘idham, andlahm). B). Process nonphysical/immaterial (blowing) blowing spirit into man so that he moves and different from other creatures. C) the birth process (a perfect human being). (3) Humans have a position as a human servant of God ('Abd Allah), and as the vicegerent of Allah (khalifah Allah fi al-ardhi). (4) The educational values ​​that need to be developed in the process of Islamic education, namely: a) Introducing teak man, how human created, where it came from and how he lives so they do not forget themselves. b) The increase in faith, the development of knowledge or understanding and also in-depth appreciation of the signs of His majesty and greatness as a Creator, c) Development of the human body and spirit in harmony and the development of human nature in an integrated manner. d) Development of scientific spirit to seek and find the truth of His verses.