Revitalisasi Karakter Bangsa Melalui Lembaga Pendidikan Islam Di Tengah Masyarakat Berkarakter

  • Indah Wahyuni
Keywords: Revitalisasi, Karakter, Lembaga Pendidikan


The Indonesian nation is a nation that has a variety of racial diverse culture. This diversity makes it a nation that has its own distinct character with another nation. The character should be maintained through educational institutions in order to give birth to the future generation to know and preserve the character of the nation that has existed since their ancestors. The fact of society today suffered a setback so bite the bitter drug that turns out to destroy the lives of the people themselves. For the existence of educational institutions is one solution to develop the nation's character is missing today. Educational institutions are expected to distribute efficacious pill of some kind of disease caused by the current society and also the era of the modern global world.