Peranan Teknologi Pendidikan Dalam Pembaharuan Pendidikan Di Indonesia

  • Mindaudah Mindaudah
Keywords: Teknologi pendidikan, pembaharuan


Educational technology is a complex process that includes an integrated, procedures, ideas, tools and organization to analyze problems and design, implement, assess and manage the problem solving in all aspects of human learning. Thus the role of educational technology to facilitate, make easy, solve problems in the learning process, which in turn affects the design and model of learning itself. This means a shift or renewal of conventional learning patterns toward technology-based learning. The application of educational technology in education should make the process of education in general and in particular the learning process more efficient, more effective and attractive so as to provide a positive added value. Effective and efficient, meaning that educational effort should be made to achieve the objectives that have been outlined with minimum cost, effort, and time.