Manajemen Informasi Pendidikan Islam

  • Victor Imaduddin Ahmad
Keywords: Manajemen Informasi, Pendidikan Islam


The information age is automatic to push all at once demanding all the institution to change, especially a university institute. Especially institutions have professional educators and scientists with the main task of transforming, developing, and disseminating science, technology, needs as well information management is inevitable. In that context, structuring information management needs to be organized effectively and efficiently on every level needs to be started from highest level, namely the ministry of Education and Ministry of religion in this regard has implemented a system that integrates the information systems unit to arrive at the institution. In this case EMIS and PDPT deserve to be supported as well as improving access to information; it also has the aspect of efficiency and transparency in the world of education in Indonesia. The next challenge is for educational unit level institutions; especially the universityshould clean up for implementing this integral information system. SISFO schemes namely by making internal information systems connected to the Internet and can be accessed by anyone, especially by students is an appropriate system to welcome this era. This system certainly will finalize management skills, human resources, while maintaining transparency